March 9 ~ General Session

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General Session
March 9, 2018

 The BLCTA met in a general session on March 9, 2018 at 4:15 at South Elementary Auditorium. A motion to call the meeting to order was made by Jamie Kammer and seconded by Patty Tustin. The BLCTA President, Jeff Merrill called the meeting to order.

Those present were:

President-Jeff Merrill                                        BLHS –        Myste Carter
Vice President-Jenn Murray
Treasurer – Kelli Naylor                                     Junior High – Kevin Soos
Secretary – Karen Yanda
West Elem. –Patty Tustin
South Elem.- Jenn Murray
North Elem.- Allison Bartek

Jeff Merrill updated the members of the state of the reduction in force and updated all in attendance that the executive committee met with Mrs. Leonard, Willie Luther, and Treasurer Merri Matthews on March 8th. Due to the current financial situation of the district and the failure of the levy, 16 cuts to staff will be made.

It was also noted that the state auditor recommended that 21 1/2 positions should be made. Members were also made aware that there would be some involuntary transfers as well.

He also advised them that our former LRC Alison Roberts wrote the language appropriately for the OTES evaluations.

Members stressed that they wanted our LRC at all future meetings being that we all pay for this representation.

Members had the following questions:

What about selling the former North Elementary?

What about gas and oil money?

Are special ed. Students counted in class size?

Will the levy be on the ballot in May?

Will there be cuts to administration positions?

A motion to adjourn was made Kevin Soos and seconded by Bob Fetty.   The meeting adjourned at 5:19.