March 22, 2018 ~ Special Session

Newsletter HeaderBLCTA March Special Meeting
March 22, 2018

 The BLCTA Executive Committee met in a special session on March 22, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. at the BLHS.

A motion was made to call the meeting to order by Allison Bartek and was seconded by Kevin Soos.

The BLCTA Vice-President Jenn Murray called the meeting to order.

Those present were:
President –                                                             BLHS –Myste Carter
Vice President- Jenn Murray                                               Mary Ellen Bolock
Treasurer –Kelli Naylor                                              Junior High –Kevin Soos
North Elem. – Allison Bartek
West Elem. –Patty Tustin

A motion was made by Myste Carter and was seconded by Allison Bartek to approve the March 20, 2018 minutes. Motion carried.

Christine Butkus was present to voice concerns about contract language that had been missed during the meeting with administration on March 12, 2018 after the RIF had taken place.

During the discussion, Christine brought to the attention of the executive committee that SGM was used in the final summative rating and should not have been per section 29.04c in the negotiated agreement.

Mrs. Leonard was in the building and was invited to the meeting. She was given a briefing of the findings and let the executive committee know that she would be in touch soon after she spoke to the board’s attorney.

Before adjournment, the OEA was notified of our findings. An email was created and sent to Stan Okusewsky, Alison Hoffa, Randi Cosby, and Kristin Jaeck on behalf of the executive committee to voice our concerns.

A motion to adjourn was made by Kevin Soos and seconded by Allison Bartek