BLCTA Scholarship


Each year the BLCTA awards a $500 scholarship to a high school senior who is planning on entering the field of education. Applicants are judged on activities, awards, goals, and merit. The BLCTA Executive Committee selects the student who will receive the scholarship at the Spring Awards Banquet. The following students have been awarded this scholarship:

2015  Derek Starr
2014  Miranda Buck
2013  Caleb Agnew
2012  Melissa Falkner
2011  Shayla Czuchran
2010  Emma Omaits
2009  Rebekah Flesher
2008 Brittany Wood
2008 Michael Kendjorski – Robert Dalrymple Memorial Scholarship 
2007 Mitch Moon
2006 Joseph Jancura
2005 No Scholarship
2004 Daniel Bolock
2003 Jared Call
2002 Nichole Moore
2001 Melissa Colabelli
2000 Natalie Harr
1999 Bethany Bane
1998 Laura Bolock
1997 Jacqui Baker
1996 Josh Straus
Carrie Steffl
1994 Allison Bartek